Signature Event: Sister Circle Annual Conference

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Conference Schedule

Learning to “Lean In” to Your Potential

8:00-9:00                   Registration/ Networking

9:15-9:30                   Welcome (SU Ballroom)

9:30-10:15                 Keynote Address- Dr. Joelle Carter (SU Ballroom)

10:30-11:15              Concurrent Session 1 Norse Violence Prevention Center- Green Dot Presentation (College Students ONLY) (SU 108)

10:30-11:15              *H.S. Admissions Presentation (HS Students ONLY) (SU 109)

10:30-11:15              Lisa McElfresh: I am, You Are, and Together We Can Change to World   (SU 104)

11:15-12:30               Lunch/SC Recognition Awards/Women’s Showcase

12:45-1:30                 Concurrent Session 2 Women of Success Panel

(SU Ballroom)

1:30-2:00                   *Stretch Break (Closing Affirmation for HS Students)

1:45-2:30                   Concurrent Session 3 Ayanna Jordan: Defining My Leadership Practices: Being Myself (SU 108)

1:45-2:30                   Concurrent Session 3 Christina Chambers/Julie Bridewell: Developing Healthy Relationships (SU 109)

2:45-3:30                   Concurrent Session 4 Victoria Suttmiller: Live Like No One Else (SU 105)

2:45-3:30                   Concurrent Session 4 Morgan Bell: Empowerment Meditation (SU 104)

2:45-3:30                   Concurrent Session 4 Norse Violence Prevention Center: Self Care (SU 106)

3:30-4:30                   Closing Affirmation


*Denotes High School Presentations ONLY

 To find out more about the conference, and about the conference speakers, check out the Sister Circle Facebook page!